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We’ve all been there. Work is tough; the boss is chasing you for that crucial report. To
top it all off, you haven’t had time for a decent lunch. The energy levels are dwindling
and tonight is date night. Regardless of whether it is a new relationship or a long-
term significant other, the restaurant is booked and the agenda is set. Don’t let the
stressors of a hectic life get you down. Instead, turn to Erotic Blues. Our unique blend
of fruit extracts and vitamins will give you effervescence when you need it most.
Take 1 (maximum of 2) pill(s) roughly 30 minutes before the desired effect is needed.
mister maka cannot help you with technique, but we can give you a boost in energy
and stamina when it counts. Results can last up to 5 hours.
 Guarana extract 50mg
 Organically grown Maca root 100mg

 Gotu Kola extract powder 75mg
 Muira Puama 50mg
 Taurine 50mg
 Zinc Citrate-3-hydrate 42mg
 Vitamin B3 28mg
 Ginkgo Biloba extract 20mg
 L-Arginine 100mg
4x capsules