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100% vegan leather harness, easy to put on and flexible sizing thanks to the adaptable material. Show off this impressive Fetish Submissive Addict Attitude Harness. Designed and manufactured in Amsterdam Our model is one size fits all and fits all sizes.

Discover and explore our totally sexy Harness designs and find the next sexy piece to wear the next time the temperature rises!

The FESTISH SUBMISSIVE brand is unique and patented, it goes much further, it will even give you suggestions on new styles, helping your fetish fantasy go to the next level, one that perhaps you did not expect you to dare. FESTISH SUBMISSIVE has an exciting use that not only makes you feel hot and turned on, but creates a lot of extra confidence, whether you are that dominant master or are in a submissive position; any role playing game can be found here.

At FESTISH SUBMISSIVE we do not create for a stereotypical gay man because this simply does not exist: we proudly design for the LGBTIQ+ community in its broadest sense and for any type of subculture. No matter what your preference or desire (secret), we have the perfect collection of Harnesses for men

We simply create the most comfortable fetish clothing for you and sexual for men!